LSBL Commercial Architectural Design CO.,LTD
LSBL Commercial Architectural Design CO.,LTD
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  • Cold chain logistics engineering

    Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone International Cold Chain Logistics Trading Center Phase II Project Project area: Qingdao, Shandong Building area: 370,000 m2 Cold storage capacity: 1.5 million m3

  • Processing and distribution engineering

    Cold Chain Logistics Project of Agricultural Products of Jinan Wellkang Food Co., Ltd. Project area: Shandong Jinan Building area: 35,000 m2 Cold storage capacity: 135,000 m3

  • Livestock and poultry slaughter project

    Food Processing Project of Shandong Xiantan Co., Ltd. Project area: Yantai, Shandong Planning area: 9.29 hm2 Building area: 69,000 m2 Processing capacity: 240,000 pieces/shift Second Prize of National Commercial Goods and Foodstuffs Excellent Engineering Design

  • Aquatic product processing engineering

    Shandong Haidu Marine Food Co., Ltd. project Project area: Shandong Rongcheng Planning area: 16hm2 Building area: 89,000 m2 Processing capacity: 150T/shift

  • Comprehensive food processing engineering

    Meat Processing Project of Shandong Longda Food Co., Ltd. Project area: Laiyang, Shandong Planning area: 4.7hm2 Building area: 46,000 m2 Processing capacity: 150T/shift

  • Ice and snow venues, residences

    Shandong Lushang Binglun Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise focusing on commercial engineering design. The company has professional Grade A design qualifications for commercial food and grain industry (refrigeration, food processing), Grade A design qualifications for construction (construction engineering) and pressure piping design qualifications issued by the Ministry of Construction, and its performance is spread all over the country.



LSBL Commercial Architectural Design CO.,LTD

LSBL Commercial Architectural Design CO.,LTD (formerly Shandong Commercial Design Institute) was established in 1976. It is a modern national high-tech enterprise with professional commercial engineering design consulting as its main business. The company has the Grade A qualification for the design of the commercial food industry issued by the state

LSBL in China
Annual cold storage design capacity:5 million cube
Years of Food Processing Design Ability:100 million ton
Cold storage logistics design project construction area:3 million Square meter



Based on a new starting point, create a new situation, attitude is everything, details determine success or failure

Relive the great years and inherit the red spirit-singing "Nanniwan"
"The fragrance of the flower baskets, listen to me sing, sing, sing, and come to Nanni Bay, a good place in Nanni Bay……”
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Revisit customers in the old area, gather strength and start a new journey丨The company organizes all employees to visit the Nanniwan Cold Chain Logistics Park of Yannong Group
On May 31st, company leaders and all employees came to Yannong Group Nanniwan Cold Chain Logistics Park for a return visit. The person in charge of the logistics park and Minister Wang of the Yannong Group Engineering Project Department warmly welcomed us. The project began planning and design in 18 years and was put into operation in 20 years.
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The Great Journey of the Founding of the Party
Live up to your youth! Write a new chapter for a hundred years!
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